Endorsement by Col. Ann Wright, U.S. Army (ret.) and Former Diplomat

As a 29 year veteran who retired as a US Army Reserve Colonel, I am very proud that active duty military personnel have exercised their legal rights through the Appeal for Redress to express their concerns about the war on Iraq and to respectfully request that the Congress pressure the administration to withdraw American forces from Iraq.

In March, 2003, I resigned from the United States diplomatic corps in opposition to the pending war on Iraq. Our military was ordered into a war without legal basis, a war of "choice," a war of aggression, which is a war crime. The illegality of the war, plus the criminal manner in which the war has been prosecuted by the political leadership of our country has increased the danger to our country, not made it safer.

Our military has every right to go to the US Congress in this Appeal for Redress to have the war on Iraq ended before further damage is done to Iraqi civilians, to our US military and contractor personnel in Iraq and to the morality of our country.


Ann Wright, US Army Reserve Colonel (Retired) and former US diplomat