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November 25, 2008:
Listen to Jonathan Hutto on WHRO's "HearSay," with Cathy Lewis
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From Think MTV Online, VIDEO: Uniform Dissent, Parts I (July 11, 2008) and II (July 22, 2008)
Uniform Dissent, Part 1
Uniform Dissent, Part 2: The War Already Forgotten
In this piece, two young veterans from the Iraq War discuss their disillusionment with the war and their reasons for becoming involved with Iraq Veterans Against the War. This is the first of a two part series.
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From Alternet: "People, Not Politicians, Will End the War in Iraq," June 25, 2008

From"Norfolk Sailor Continues the Fight against the Iraq War," March 19, 2008

From Foreign Policy in Focus: "An Interview with Jonathan Hutto," June 6, 2008

From "Norfolk Sailor continues the fight against the Iraq War," March 19, 2008

Winter Soldier: Telling Our Stories?
Winter Soldier: History in the Making, from AlterNet
AlterNet brings you special coverage of the 2008 Winter Soldiers' Investigation >>
From the Christian Science Monitor: Interviews with soldiers [video] >>
Democracy Now covers the Winter Soldier talks, with Seymour Hersh >>
Democracy Now: Proceedings of the Winter Soldier talks, video, Podcasts available >>

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  By Jonathan W. Hutto, Sr.

On November 9, 1969, The New York Times published an open appeal by 1,365 active-duty service members calling for an end to the Vietnam War and for no punishment for participating in the historic Vietnam Moratorium march. The petition of these soldiers, representing 80 bases and ships throughout the world, had a huge impact and helped establish the (limited) civil liberties and rights GIs have today. The members of the GI Movement risked their careers and personal security by signing this petition and participating in subsequent actions.

Anti-War Soldier: How to Dissent Within the Ranks of the Military
is a handbook on dissent. Written by Jonathan Hutto, Sr., cofounder of the Appeal for Redress, it can show you how and when to participate patriotically and respectfully.

Order your copy today from Nation Books >>

Results of Erie Times-News Poll:
"Is it appropriate for active-duty military personnel
to publicly oppose the war in Iraq?"
Out of 388 respondents, 62% state it is appropriate for active-duty to speak out.

Jonathan Hutto Spoke at Martin Luther King Day Commemorative Services and Events:


Connect to the Erie Times-News report on the talk
Connect to the Blog and article online
Sunday, January 20, 2008, 3:00 p.m. at the Erie Art Museum Annex
20 East 5th St. (Entrance on 5th St., just east of Glassgrowers Gallery)
Organized by the Erie Peace Initiative; cosponsors (list in progress): Benedictines for Peace, Erie Art Museum, Green Party of NW PA, Jewish Voices for Peace, Lake Erie Alliance for Democracy (LEAD), Pax Christi USA, Sisters of St. Joseph of NW PA, Social Responsibility Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation.
Free and Open to the Public
For more information, contact

or go to
Download a pdf flyer

Martin Luther King, Jr. 9th Annual Commemorative Service
Monday, January 21, 2008, 2:00 p.m. at St. Paul Church,
6611 Walker Mill Road
Capital Heights, MD 20743
Download a pdf flyer

From The Meadville Tribune, Sunday, November 11, 2007,
"Veterans Day speaker: We must 'take care of veterans,'"
Jonathan Hutto speaks in Meadville, Pennsylvania,
and appeals to crowd to take care of returning veterans.

Photo by Deb Spilko

From The Global Report: News from the front lines, October 18, 2007,
"Award Honors Defiant GIs,"
by Abra Pollock
Coverage of the Appeal for Redress and the Letelier-Moffit awards.

From Capitol Hill: Appeal for Redress Release of Names
October 17, 2007
Over 1000 additional signers of the Appeal had their, signed Appeal grievance, faxed confidentially to their congressional representative and senators, during a conference on Capitol Hill. These events were followed by the awarding of the Institute for Policy Study's Letelier-Moffitt Award to the Appeal campaign
Watch video of the press conference
Edited conference (10 minutes)

Read remarks from the award presentation
Coverage in the Washington Post

From Common Dreams News Center, Tuesday, August 21, 2007,
" Iraq War Resisters to Get Boost from Veterans Group,"
Members of a leading Iraq war veterans' organization voted this weekend to launch a campaign encouraging U.S. troops to refuse to fight.

"Grill Out, Chill Out Bus Tour "
sponsored by Iraq Veterans Against the War:
Events were carried out at Columbia, SC; Atlanta, GA; Columbus, GA; Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY; Groton, CT; and Upstate New York from July 1 through July 8.
See photos from the tour:
Hear others' comments:

"Appeal for Redress recipient of the 2007 Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award."
This prestigious award sponsored by the Institute for Policy Studies has been created to honor outstanding human rights work in memory of two former IPS colleagues, who were murdered on September 21, 1976 by agents of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

From The Republican, Springfield, Massachusetts, Monday, May 7:
"Navy Vet Mounts Anti-War Effort"

"A Letter from David Zeiger"
Sir! No Sir! producer writes an open letter to the Appeal signers

Columbus, OH, May 27, 2007:
     View Flyer for "Soldiers Walk for Soldiers"
      From the Columbus Dispatch, May 28, 2007:
     "Veterans Join in Soldier's Walk to Urge Quick End to War in Iraq"

Decatur, GA, May 27, 2007:
View Flyer for Jonathan Hutto's Appearance
     Channel 11 Coverage, Live at 6 and 11
     Veterans for Peace Coverage

From the Los Angeles Times, April 29, 2007:
"Veterans voice opposition to U.S. presence in Iraq"
by Rone Tempest, Times Staff Writer

From NPR, National Public Radio:
"Members of Military Make War Views Known", by Guy Raz

"Field Report: The Convoy through the Southeast"
Veterans For Peace sponsored a veterans' convoy though the southeastern United States that terminated in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. This is the story of the convoy. View Photos of the convoy and of the rebuilding effort (2 slide shows available) .

This article appeared on page A-1 of the San Francisco Chronicle, Saturday, April 7, 2007
"The Few. The Proud. The Disillusioned."
Conflict in Iraq: Some active duty troops, while proud to serve, are speaking out and signing a petition against the war.

Staying vs. Leaving Iraq: Thoughtful Commentary by Active Duty Soldiers Jason Nichols, Dave Thul, and Jeff Slocum
"Two Plans for Iraq"

Comments by Appeal Signer Jeff Slocum:
     "Patriotic Dilemma"

     From the Fayetteville Observer:
     "20-Year Veteran Defends Stance on Iraq"

     From Stars and Stripes
     "Chief Master Sergeant Jeff Slocum discusses his support for the Appeal for Redress"

From Veterans for Peace:
Itinerary and information for
"Southeast U.S. Convoy and Rebuilding the Gulf Coast Effort"
Beginning Saturday, March 17, in Fayetteville, North Carolina.
The convoy will leave from Fayetteville on March 19, and travel to six military towns
in the southeastern U.S. The convoy will end at its final destination of New Orleans, Louisiana,
VFP participants and any interested partners will, with raised money and volunteers,
aid in rebuilding homes for survivors of the hurricanes in the Gulf region.
Download information and itinerary here.

From Air America Radio:
"Notable and Frequent Guests"
with host Jon Elliott
Senior Airman Jeffrey Fitting discusses his experiences as an active duty signer of the Appeal for Redress.
Direct Link to audio file

From The American Conservative:
"Appealing Dissent"
by Michael Brendan Dougherty
Sgt. Liam Madden delivers the Appeal message to Congress.

From the New York Times, February 28, 2007
"Service Members Sign Appeal Calling for Troop Withdrawal"

From CBS 60 Minutes, February 25, 2007
"Dissension in the Ranks: GIs Petition Congress to End Iraq War""
See video and supporting information here.

From the office of Col. Ann Wright, U.S. Army Reserve (ret.) and former diplomat, February 12, 2007
"Message of Support for the Appeal for Redress"

From the office of The Hon. James P. McGovern (MA-3), January 29, 2007
"Message of Support for the Appeal for Redress"

Courtesy of Dream Catcher Films, Inc.,
From The March in Washington, D.C., January 27, 2007,

View Photos of the March

From, January 24, 2007
"Fed Up Soldiers Finding New Ways to Protest the War,"
by Jeanine Plant, Alternet

From the office of Noam Chomsky, January 23, 2007
"Statement of Support for the Appeal Signers"

From the Los Angeles Times, January 17, 2007, by Noam N. Levey, Times Staff Writer
"Military Members Make an Antiwar Plea on Capitol Hill"
"'We will not be silentwhile thousands die,' campaign leader says."

From, January 15, 2007
View online video of Norfolk Event


Photo Gallery:
Presenting the Appeal, January 16, 2007
"Presentation of the first appeal signatures in Washington, D.C."
Gallery of photos by Garrie Rouse
(Please note: Appeal for Redress will continue to collect and deliver signatures
until U.S. Military personnel are out of Iraq.)


For further information about the day's events, please see "End Iraq War, Service Members Tell Congress" From, January 18, 2007, by Rick Maze, staff writer (Note: we have requested that the names not be published in the Congressional Record, as indicated in this article. Each name was individually delivered to each signer's elected officials in a formal letter from that signer--the webmaster).

Photo Gallery of Norfolk Events, January 15, 2007,
"Press Conference held at the
Unitarian Universalist Church of Norfolk"
Photos by Garrie Rouse



From the office of Rep. John Lewis (GA-5), press release, January 16, 2007,
"Rep. John Lewis Responds to Troops' Appeal for Redress "
"I have the deepest respect for these men and women in uniform who have taken this courageous and patriotic step today. . . .

From the Associated Press, January 15, 2007,
"Military Members Speak out against War"
Norfolk, Va. -- Military members opposed to the U.S. involvement in Iraq gathered Monday to demand the withdrawal of American troops and prepared to present their appeal to Congress. . . .
This story, from the Associated Press, ran in the Boston Globe, on, on, in the Houston Chronicle, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and on, as well as in several other papers across the U.S.

From, January 16, 2007, page C01, by Linton Weeks, Washington Post staff writer
"Why They Fight--From Within"
For Jonathan Hutto and David Rogers, life has become something of a surreality show. The two Navy men, comrades in arms, are waging a war against a war. . . .

From Army Times, January 16, 2007, by Rick Maze
"Military Members to Congress: End Iraq War "
A letter from about 1,000 active-duty, Guard and reserve members calling for Congress to end the war in Iraq was delivered to Capitol Hill on Tuesday. . . .

From the office of Rep. Raśl Grijalva (AZ-7), January 16, 2007
" "
Rep. Raśl Grijalva expresses his support for the Appeal for Redress and its signers. . . .

From the Daily, January 16, 2007
" "
NORFOLK -- Military members opposed to the U.S. involvement in Iraq gathered Monday to demand the withdrawal of American troops and prepared to present their appeal to Congress. . . .

From the Daily, January 15, 2007, by the Associated Press
"Group of Military Members to Present to Congress an Appeal to End the War in Iraq "
NORFOLK -- Military members opposed to the U.S. involvement in Iraq gathered Monday to demand the withdrawal of American troops and prepared to present their appeal to Congress. . . .

From the office of Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (OH-10th), January 12, 2007
"Kucinich to Receive Appeal for Redress from Active Duty Service Members"
Congressman will receive appeal from active duty service members on Tuesday, January 16, 2007, at 11:00 a.m. on the steps of the Cannon House Office Building . . .

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, January 11, 2007

"Cartoonist R.J. Matson Acknowledges Appeal"
Matson captures the message of the Appeal in cartoon form.
Link to R.J. Matson's site at For other Matson cartoons, go to

From the office of Congressman John Conyers, December 22, 2006
"Conyers Announces Support for 'Appeal for Redress'"
Congressman Sends Message of Support to Active Military Personnel Calling for Ending the War in Iraq . . .

"The antiwar GIs"
A new protest movement inside the military -- including active-duty soldiers back from Iraq -- is calling on Congress to end the war immediately. . . .

From the Nation, January 8, 2007
by Marc Cooper
"About Face: Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdrawal"
For the first time since Vietnam, an organized, robust movement of active-duty US military personnel has publicly surfaced to oppose a war in which they are serving. . . .